Keep an eye on this spot moving forward for the latest details regarding the Stranger Things Season 1 Blu-ray and DVD Amazon release. We will update relevant news here as it happens.

When Will The Release Be Announced?

As of right now, details regarding the Stranger Things Season 1 DVD and Blu-ray release are not known, but you can bet your last box of Eggos that when information on the subject arises, that we will update this spot right away.

As I type this, Stranger Things is blowing up on Netflix in record fashion. Over 8 million people have watched the show in the first couple weeks since its airing, making it (already) one of Netflix’s most popular shows ever. Once the hype has kind of evened off and some time has gone by, I would think that a Blu-ray and DVD announcement would be imminent, with a release probably scheduled for sometime around November so the show could get in on the Christmas rush.

Now, aside from putting one of the greatest TV shows in recent years to disc and making available to all of us in glorious high definition, Netflix has a bunch of cool things they can do with these upcoming products. The first thing (unlike most Blu-ray and DVD releases, where the special features are often the center point of their marketability) has absolutely nothing to do with the content itself. We all fell in love with the 80s era when we watched Stranger Things, either for the first time or all over again, depending of course on when you were born, so it would only make sense for Stranger Things to be packaged in some sort of old school VHS, worn down packaging. The profile pictures in this article do a pretty good job of nailing exactly what I am hoping for. At the very least, I’m hoping they will release a special edition Blu-ray and DVD in this manner. How awesome would that be? For me, this is the number one thing that Netflix could do.

stranger-things-blu-ray-dvd-release-inside-1Special Features

In edition to this, the special features for both the Blu-ray and DVD should be pretty fantastic. Lets take a stab at what might possibly be on the horizon in this regard, all of it speculation of course:

I find Hawkins, Indiana to be a pretty mysterious place. There are many areas that Netflix can take us in order to give us an insider look at the town the show is centered around. Perhaps a virtual tour would be in order here. Wouldn’t you love to browse around Hawkins the way the characters in the show do?

I am also hoping for a special feature that identifies all of the 80s references in the show. As I type this, I have watched Stranger Things Season 1 three times, and let me tell you, even by the third viewing I was still noticing cool 80s references that I had not noticed before. Gathering all these, divulging them to us viewers, and explaining how they were selected for the show… now THAT would be a fantastic special feature.

You gotta figure that whenever you have a cast this young that a gag reel would be absolutely hilarious. There have been pictures floating around on social media of the cast on set and they looked as if they had a blast making the show. A gag reel would be a pretty high demand special feature among viewers I would think.

How about a featurette explaining, at least in part, the extent of Eleven‘s powers? I would pay full price just for this myself.

If you have a preferred special feature you would like to see included in the Stranger Things Season 1 Blu-ray and DVD releases, please feel free to leave a comment below and we’ll add it here.

The Purpose Of This Page

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