***Update 11/01/16: Below are the links to the Stranger Things Funko Pop Vinyl Figure set on Amazon, now available for Pre-Order. The announcement came down yesterday to much fan delight. I have to say, this is a pretty impressive collection. We are assuming that there will be more to follow of course, meaning that this is likely just the initial roll out. You have to believe that Chief Hopper and Joyce Byers will get their own figures eventually, but for now these will certainly do. Figures to be released early next year. Enjoy!


***Update 08/25/16: When it rains, it pours Stranger Things fans. Just 2 days after tweeting out their version of Stranger Things’ Eleven, the official Funko Pop twitter account tweeted out their Barb today, and I must say it looks amazing. So, things are really rolling now. It’s likely that this trend of Funko character reveals continues. I am more convinced than ever that a deal has been sealed between Funko and Netflix to produce these figures. If they tweet out a Dustin Funko next, look out, it may very well break the internet. As always, the latest in Stranger Things Funko updates will be posted here as it happens.

Here’s Barb…

***Update 08/23/16: the Official Funko POP! Twitter account has just tweeted out an apparent demo version of Eleven. You can check out the awesomeness of it below. Now, before any one goes freaking out and begs Funko to make this a reality, consider this: I have no inside information whatsoever, but it t is extremely unlikely that Funko would have tweeted this out unless they had a merchandising agreement in place with Netflix. On top of that, Eleven is carrying a box of Eggos. I doubt they would have included that particular piece of branding without getting the green light from Kelloggs. I believe personally that what you see below is the internally approved product, and they are throwing it out there on social media to obtain feedback from the public. Obviously, this Funko Pop! version of Eleven is incredible. I’m thinking you are likely to see this exact version released when the Stranger Things Funko product line eventually hits the shelves….

Original Blog Entry…

Be sure to check back on this page in the future for news regarding Stranger Things Funko Pop! vinyl figures announcements

Aside from the eventual Stranger Things Season 1 Blu-ray and DVD announcement, no other piece of merchandise is garnering more attention or demand than that of Funko Pop! vinyl figures for our Stranger Things characters. This extremely popular collectible line pretty much extends to every pop culture franchise you can think of (including Netflix properties like Daredevil and Jessica Jones), so there’s no reason to think that Stranger Things will be any different.

As of the typing of this blog post, we have no information regarding a Stranger Things Funko Pop vinyl figures release date, but you can bet that the merchandising folks at both Funko and Netflix are working on it as we speak. Whenever we come across any information or updates, we will update the top of this page with the latest.

stranger-things-funko-pop-vinyl-figure-insideWhen Star Wars Episode VII hit theaters and their line of Funko Pop! vinyl figures were announced, you could not find a BB-8 anywhere. You might remember, you might have tried to find one. I was one of those people, and I did eventually get my hands on that slippery little droid, but not for lack of trying. I would expect that when Stranger Things Funko’s hit the shelves, that Eleven will be in similar demand. We have included a picture in this article of a Funko likeness floating around Twitter of someones imagining of what a Stranger Things Eleven figure would look like. Pretty cool, right? Make no mistake about it, every fan will want one.

As far a who will be included in the line, well, the show has a pretty big cast with a lot of likable characters, but it is unlikely that they will include all the cast in the first run of Stranger Things Funko Pop! vinyl figures, at least not at the very beginning. There are simply too many of them. I think, as mentioned, that Eleven is an absolute must and could be one of their biggest selling Funko Pop! vinyl figures ever. In addition I would expect Chief Hopper, Joyce Byers, the Demogorgon, Dustin (who could very well be just as popular as Eleven), and Mike Wheeler to be included in the initial run for sure. Among the supporting characters, Barb would also have a pretty good shot at being included given her rise to popularity among fans of the show.

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If you’re like me, you’ll want the all the info  on the Stranger Things line of Funko Pop vinyl figures as soon as it becomes available. To that point, this blog post will be updated regularly as info comes in, so be sure to check regularly for the latest and greatest on what is sure to be a truly awesome collectible line.