Welcome to the Merchandise Page. If you are anything like us here at the site, you want to get your hands on just about every piece of Stranger Things Merchandise out there. Unfortunately, unless you're rich (which we are certainly not), you probably won't be able to afford all that sweet swag. You will probably have to pick and choose the items you most want, based on your own personal preferences and tastes.

Well fellow Stranger Things fan, we will be able to help out with that.

As I am typing this, we are exploring vendor options for listings on our Merchandise page. We expect to add awesome Stranger Things products slowly over time, with an end goal of having the more extensive and user-friendly merchandise listings for the show to be found anywhere online.

Here are some of the products you can expect to be added to this page in the near future…


We are a mere month into the shows existence and already there have been a number of vendors producing Stranger Things related apparel. From art designs, to sayings from the show, to funny meme type phrases, it's truly amazing how quickly this type of merchandise has taken off. The demand, understandably, is massive. We are going to collect the best of all these types of Stranger Things clothing items to list for you to browse in the very near future.

Stranger Things Season 1 Blu-ray and DVD

This will be one of those products that the Stranger Things community is going to freak out about as soon as it's announced. There is no shortage of amazing things that Netflix can do with these videos products; from retro packaging to insider special features, we're excited to see what they come up with. As soon as the details are announced, we'll update the blog. As soon as they are available for sale, you can be your last Eggo that we will list them on our Merchandise page right away.

Toys and Games

They must be scrambling to design and produce any number of Stranger Things toy lines and games at present. Stranger Things items are sure to be made available in every type of format you can think across this category: board games, video games, action figures, books, the list goes on. They will be listed here at

Posters and Pictures

The explosion of fan art online has established Stranger Things as one of the most beloved franchises in recent memory. This has carried over to the poster and picture markets where Stranger Things prints are becoming increasingly common. Who wouldn't want a retro 80's Stranger Things poster?

Everything In Between

As mentioned, the Stranger Things franchise is sure to expand to just about every type of product imaginable. Items that don't fit into any other category, like lunch boxes for instance, will be listed on this page as well. Due to the extensive amount of items in this category, we will only list the absolute best.