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25October, 2016

Stranger Things And Halloween

By | October 25th, 2016|Categories: TV Show|Comments Off on Stranger Things And Halloween

Can you think of any two things that go together quite so well this year as Stranger Things and Halloween? It's truly a match made in TV holiday heaven. As a matter of fact, upon

Hilarious Funny Or Die Video: David Harbour Auditioning For Eleven

While many fans will debate various aspects and theories surrounding Stranger Things, they surely all agree, at the very least, on this one point: Millie Bobby Brown was absolutely phenomenal as Stranger Things’ Eleven. Obviously, this is an understatement to say the least. I mean, who could have been better? Having watched the series all the way through (probably multiple times like myself), could you now actually picture someone else stepping into Eleven’s shoes? Me neither.

And yet…

The awesome folks at Funny Or Die (who were founded by Will Farrell, in case you hadn’t known, and host one of the best programs EVER “Between Two Ferns” with Zack Galifianakis) have released “footage” that reveals at least one person in the world thinks there could have been a better Eleven: none other than Chief Hopper Himself, David Harbour, take a look…

So in other words, Millie, you got absolutely nothing to worry about, I don’t think David will be wrestling your role away any time soon.

Props to David Harbour for being such an awesome sport. This video is the kind of over-the-top funny we’ve come to expect from Funny Or Die. Harbour really flexes his acting muscles in this vid, showing some diversity in crossing over to comedy. I admit, shamefully, that I haven’t seen any of his other works (haven’t exactly been in a rush to check out “Suicide Squad”), but clearly the guy can be be down right funny if this clip is any indication.

So what do you think folks? Do you think our guy David could have swung it as Eleven, or are mornings still for Coffee and Contemplation?

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Top Moments Of Stranger Things Season 1

stranger-things-top-oments-season-1-insideSurfing around the net for Stranger Things related news today, and I came across this piece by

Stranger Things Top 11 Moments

Which of course prompted me to say, “Why 11 moments and not a top 10?”, to which I said after it dawned on me ten minutes later, “ohhh, I get it now!” Not the sharpest tool in the shed, yours truly. But seriously, check out the link, it’s a pretty good read and a (still) pretty fine list, so rather than coming up with my own top eleven moments (which would have ended up being pretty similar anyhow), I will endeavor to comment on the hyperlinked article. Here we go!

11. Meeting The Friends

A bunch of young friends playing Dungeons and Dragons in the 1980’s, pretty much sets the tone for what Stranger Things is, didn’t it? The character’s personalities really came alive with this introduction in the best of ways, ingratiating themselves to the viewers right from the get go.

10. Nancy Against All Rational Thought, Goes To The Upside Down

What in the world convinced Nancy to go in there? I have had discussions with people on the topic, and the prevailing reason seems to be that her overwhelming grief for Barb drove her into the Upside Down entrance in the tree. Some of the tensest moments in the season took place during this sequence, you really feel the chill as Nancy makes her way through the terrifying darkness.

9. Chief Hopper Breaks Into The Lab

If I could sum up Chief Hopper in one word, that word would be ‘stubborn’. Seriously, this guy doesn’t know when to call it quits, and that’s a good thing for Will. His irrational course of action, much like that of Nancy in moment #10 above, is the stuff of super heroes.  Chief Hopper is a boss, no doubt about it.

8. Lucas Accepts Eleven

Lucas gets a lot of flack for being kind of a pain, but for all that he is the kind of friend every group needs, the one who questions and fights for the welfare of the group even against popular opinion. His acceptance of Eleven cements her place in the group of friends and marks a pivotal, rewarding point in the season.

7. Will Byers Goes Missing

The dark mood with 80’s horror vibes kicks in pretty early during the nail biting scene of Will’s disappearance. What is after him? Where did they go? Holy crap, I hope the rest of the season isn’t as scary as this… all thoughts going through my head as I watched this unfold. Great TV.

6. Joyce Makes A New Window In Her House With An Axe

Joyce’s belief in her son’s survival is so strong that she resorts to trashing her house to get to him. This was a great scene in that it demonstrated the degree to which Joyce was truly suffering. Winona Ryder was fantastic in the show, it couldn’t have been easy acting that miserable day in and day out on set.

5. Will On The Water

The friends realizing that Will is actually dead as the authorities pull him out of the lake (or so they thought) is a heart-wrenching scene. The looks on the friend’s faces and their individual reactions make viewer tears well and fall by turns.

4. The Van Flip

This is my #1 scene. The van flip (pictured) has gone on to become one of my favorite television moments of all time actually. There is no in-depth reasoning or analysis here, Eleven flipping the van was simply TOTALLY EPIC!

3. She’s Our Friend And She’s Crazy

Probably the most meme’d scene from Season One, Dustin delivers the iconic line that came out so well that it makes me wonder if it was even scripted. Awesome all around scene that includes the group hug on the road that no viewer is like to forget anytime soon.

2. Will’s Rescue

The moment in the series we had been waiting for, the rescue. That slug-type thing attached to Will’s mouth looked none to comfortable and brought back thew 80’s horror aspect of the show full force. Gross. And yeah, poor Barb.

1. The Ending

The stand off between Eleven and the Demogorgon was a pretty epic showdown, her goodbye and sacrifice a heartbreaking thing. I’m a broken record on this, but don’t worry about Eleven, she will be back for Season 2 without question.

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Producer Shawn Levy Says Things Are Going To Get Crazy In Season 2

stranger-things-shawn-levy-inside-2I know what you are thinking fellow Stranger Things fan, how could things get even more crazy? We certainly saw a lot of crazy moments in Season 1, some of which you would think would be hard to top, still Stranger Things Producer Shawn Levy is saying otherwise.

In an interview with Southern California Public Radio, brought to our attention via Collider, Shawn discusses (what else) Season 2 and the expectations that have been placed on himself and the Duffer Brothers. At one point in the interview he says this…

“A lot of Season 2 is next-level, some crazy stuff”

To me this confirms beyond a shadow of a doubt, if it hadn’t been already, that the season has in fact been completely written. It also suggests that they intend to top, in some fashion, what they put forth in Season 1. How they do that, I’m not quite sure. I could get into the details of what made the show incredible if not for the spoiler aspect (I want to keep this particular entry spoiler-free), but safe to say that will be a tall task indeed. Not that I’m worried a bit. I have every confidence in the Stranger Things show-running team. More than anything, this quote gets me even more stoked for the season to come.

He also mentions the below in the interview, pertaining to the challenge of keeping the current fan base happy in Season 2…

“This has been the challenge of it: on the one hand as we’ve see in the movie world, to do a follow-up that feels like the same thing is disappointing to an audience; to abandon things or change things

[from the original], that disappoints the audience.”

I have an answer for this, in the way that bloggers always seem to have an answer for everything. So Shawn, here you go, on the odd chance you are actually reading this, here is my humble piece of advice: this is a nostalgic piece, an ode to the 80’s, with an already iconic cast despite how early the days are. The proven formula when these kinds of variables are combined is to move forward with as little change as possible. The perfect example is Star Wars: VII: The Force Awakens. JJ Abrams and company could have gone another way; they could have brought in new characters, a new theme, change the mood of the film completely. But they knew the fans wouldn’t want that, and I think that would hold true too for Stranger Things as well. These kids have to grow up together, have their adventures together, and unravel this thing piece by piece as the greater plot reveals itself, but not at the expense of the mood, tone, and spirit of the first Season. I mean, Harry Potter did get darker, but carefully over time as the characters developed and grew.

That being said, Shawn Levy sounds like a pretty awesome guy in the interviews I have read, and obviously he has proven to be more than competent judging by the quality of the show. How ever he and the Duffers decide to approach Season 2, I’m sure the end result will be fantastic.

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Play 8-Bit Stranger Things ‘Pac-Man’ Arcade Video Game Online!


Okay fellow Stranger Things fans, this one is really, really cool. Drop what you’re doing right now (unless you are a doctor in the middle of open heart surgery, or just happen to be making my morning coffee) and head on over to

There is something about the simplicity of the 1980’s video arcade game that is so undeniably addictive. Somehow, in that decade, they managed to perfect the art of taking completely repetitive tasks and making them into games that are fun to play. Think about ‘Space Invaders’, which was nothing more than the player shooting down row after row of alien intruders, or even Donkey Kong, where poor Mario has to dodge the same barrels level after level. Still, they were way too fun to play, and of all these types of games, none comes close to the legend of Pac-Man.

Well, now you can battle Dr. Brenner, his cronies, and the Demogorgan itself in this new Pac-Man style arcade game that you can access online for free via

This is the point in the article where I am supposed to tell you what happens as you pass various levels of the game. Confession time: I suck, and always have sucked, at Pac-Man. So it should come as no surprise that I couldn’t even come close to clearing the first level of this game. As near as I can tell, you have five shots at collecting all the Christmas lights on the board by using one of five characters (Eleven, Mike, Lucas, Dustin, and Barb). I haven’t been able to accomplish this thus far. The first level is titled “Chapter One”, so there are certainly multiple layers to the game. You’ll have to head on over to the site and find out what the rest of them hold for yourself, because as much as I like playing this thing, I got no game whatsoever.

So, we got an 8-bit adventure game and now an arcade game based on Stranger Things. What’s next?

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Stranger Things Cast At The 2016 Emmy Awards!

Stranger Thingscast-emmys-2016-inside may not have taken home any Emmy awards in 2016, but they certainly stole the show. In case you were wondering why the show didn’t show up anywhere on the ballot this year, Stranger Things debuted the day after the 2016 Emmy nominations were announced. So yeah, ineligible for consideration this year, but look out in 2017. I would expect the show to be nominated across multiple categories.

Gaten Matarazzo, Caleb McLaughlin, and Millie Bobby Brown represented Stranger Things at the prime time Emmys and, as one might expect, they looked to have had an absolute blast. It’s pretty much what we have come to expect from any cast member associated with Stranger Things these days, isn’t it? Everyone always seems to be smiling and enjoying themselves.

This article will basically be a sample mishmash of the trios time spent at the awards show. Basically, we want to give you an overview of what went down. Here we go!…

  • The talented trio certainly seemed to be having a great time while performing “Uptown Funk” at the awards show. They sounded absolutely amazing. I can’t find a video of good quality on this performance, but there are many cell phone shot versions on YouTube. Head on over there and take your choice, if you come across a video of great quality please let us know in the comments below and we’ll link it to this article and shout you out.
  • Next up, it looks as though E! setup a fancy camera to take red carpet shots as celebrities pass by. They call it the Glambot. This is the Stranger Things version below, how awesome is this?

  • Here is an interview with the trio conducted by ENews. They talk about who they are excited to see at the awards show and about the outfits they are wearing  (which is actually quite funny, Gaten is hilarious here)

  • In the below ET exclusive video, the cast talks about how they are looking forward to Season 2. Millie states in this interview that she isn’t sure if she is returning to the show. I don’t buy that for a minute. The lengths that the show is going to to keep her involvement unconfirmed must have something to so with the actual plot. I think the “Hunt for Eleven” thing might be a very possible Season 2 story line.

  • Here’s a video from Hollyscoop on the Stranger Things cast appearance in general, includes part of Gaten’s Vlog…

  • Here’s a short ET Canada piece on the Stranger Things “sandwich handout”. In a nutshell, Jimmy Kimmel (who hosted the show), did a bit where his mom made 7,000 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for the audience. He got the Stranger Things cast to help him hand them out to the crowd, check it out…

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Hitler Ain’t Too Happy That Eleven Hasn’t Been Confirmed For Season 2

The long wait in-between seasons can be tough on die hard fans of a given show. For many, depending on how much one loves the show in question, there is not much to do but try and fill their TV watching time with another series and, well, speculate.

Well, Stranger Things speculation hit critical levels a couple weeks back when Entertainment Weekly sat down with series creators the Duffer Brothers. When addressing characters that would be returning for Season 2, Ross Duffer had this to say about Millie Bobby Brown’s Eleven: “We don’t know about Eleven. We leave that up in the air.” Yeah.

So naturally, hearing about this one way or the other, the fans on social media freak out. You probably saw the  hashtag floating about Twitter over the past couple weeks; for awhile there it was pretty viral. This was no doubt directly related to the Duffer’s Eleven “uncertainty”. While there is absolutely no doubt in my mind Eleven will return for Stranger Things Season 2, I decided to have a little fun with this. We just setup the YouTube account, so I decided to make our first video a Hitler React’s video on this very subject, you know, just for fun. How would Hitler take the news that Eleven had not yet been confirmed for Season 2? Check it out…

Hey, you knew someone was going to do it, so why not us? MOUTH BREATHER!

To expand on why one and all should have no fear regarding Eleven’s return, consider this: Gaten Matarazzo has already said they are likely to start filming Stranger Things Season 2  sometime in October. Factor in that the episode titles are already written. What this undoubtedly means is that they know exactly who will and who won’t be in Season 2, simply due to the fact that they have already written the episodes. So worry not, Eleven is sure to be there. One thing that may come out of Season 2, however, is “The quest to find Eleven”, where the friends find clues to her survival and go search for their fallen friend. If that were the case, it would explain why the Duffers aren’t talking at the moment, because Eleven wouldn’t appear until later in the season. That’s just me thinking out loud.

So, what do you think of our first YouTube video? We had a total blast putting it together, and hope you enjoyed.

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Gaten Matarazzo’s Appearance On Jimmy Kimmel Live

The Stranger Things appearances continue to pile up like a blitzing defense on a panicked quarterback. You would think that things would slow down this time of year, what, with the Stranger Things cast being so young, but that has not been the case at all. This time it was Gaten Matarazzo visiting Jimmy Kimmel on the host’s acclaimed talk show, and what an appearance it was. Let’s get right to it…

How’s The Bit Going Over… Over

We start off with a typical Kimmel intro which which smartly played off the Stranger Things 80’s theme. Those are some serious walkie talkies they are using. We use to run around with plastic toy models a quarter of the size of these as kids. What I wouldn’t have given for a couple of walkies this epic! The crowd’s overwhelmingly positive reaction to Gaten is pretty indicative of of his surging popularity, and his undeniably likable character.

Birthday Laughs

A pretty funny exchange ensues once it is revealed that Matarazzo’s 14th birthday was the day before. This is textbook Jimmy Kimmel, making laughs by taking his guest’s experiences and relating them to his own.

Changing Voice

A humorous, quick exchange where Jimmy bring up the changes in Gaten’s voice. The crowd really got a laugh out of this one.

Gaten On The Show Moving Forward

For me, this was the most interesting part of the interview. Over the course of the interview, Gaten comes off genuinely humble, and that continues here as Jimmy brings up money and finances, which apparently the young star knows nothing about. That’s cool no doubt, but here’s where things gets interesting: according to Gaten, filming of Stranger Things Season 2 will start somewhere around mid to late October. That confirms what I had already suspected, which is that Season 2 has already been completely written. Further, Gaten states in the interview that he’d be out “until April, they’re hoping”. Does that mean the season will be filming until the spring? Sounds like it. If that were the case, then the suspected mid-July Season 2 debut seems likely, thereby allowing time for post-production and ultimately following in the footsteps of the series premiere.

So fellow Stranger Things fan, what did you think of Gaten Matarazzo’s appearance on Jimmy Kimmel?

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Awesome Acapella Version Of The Stranger Things Theme Surfaces

So tell me fellow Stranger Things fan, have you picked up the TV show soundtrack yet? If not, then perhaps it’s because you prefer the CD format rather then the straight MP3 download. For those waiting on these particular CD product releases like myself (volumes 1 and 2), it looks as though they have been pushed out until mid-October on Amazon in case you hadn’t noticed. Still, you know what they say, great (stranger) things come to those who wait…

Most of us are familiar with the soundtrack already. While the soundtrack has many great pieces, it’s the main theme that continues to hypnotize me. Looking around on social media, it would seem that others feel the same. It’s a great composition, true, but I think it’s more than just that. The theme somehow encompasses the wonder of the show, while reaching down deep and pulling on those nostalgic strings via the overall synth style of the tune.

There have been many cover of the song thus far. I’ve seen electronic, 8-bit style, even heavy metal. All have been fantastic. Well, you can add acapella to that list of musical genre’s that the Stranger Things theme has been covered in. Check this out, via musical group “The Warp Zone”…

So the costumes are a nice touch, adding a little flavor to the video, but that isn’t what grabbed me right from the start. Remember, in acapella there are no musical instrument used save the singers voices. The opening low background thrum that starts one second into the video, how did they do that with only their voices? Amazing. The video has got over 100k views in just four days, so it’s making its way around the net. The Warp Zone YouTube page itself  have over a million subscribers, and it’s not hard to tell why. We give this one an Eleven out of ten!

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Doug The Pug Stranger Things Spoof Goes Viral

I’m not even going to lie fellow Stranger Things fans, I got no idea what this really all about, if perhaps this is a known internet thing that’s gone completely over my head (it has a tendency to happen). To be totally honest, I’m just not that in tune with what’s hot and trending online these days. What I do know though, is that this is an undeniably awesome video, and that the rest of the world seems to agree with me.

What am I ranting on about? Well, before today, I wouldn’t have been able to tell you who Doug the Pug is. Is that normal? I got no idea. Maybe everyone knows who Doug the Pug is and I’m late to the party as usual. Maybe not. Either way, the cute little mutt made a pretty good impression on me today when I saw this epic video posted to Twitter. Check it out…

I mean how could you not laugh, smile, and totally freak out upon watching this for the first time? It would seem that most did just that.

In the 24 hours since this video was posted to Twitter, it has got 12k likes and over 11k re-tweets. That’s pretty serious action on social media, even by higher standards set by some of Twitter’s more popular accounts. Even tweets from the official Stranger Things Twitter feed don’t typically generate this kind of response. That being said, the viewer reaction is totally understandable given how absolutely adorable and unique the video is. Our feature article image of Doug the Pug dressed like Barb about 18 seconds into the video pretty much seals the deal in terms of awesome, but I also love the takes on Dustin, Lucas and Eleven. The crushed Coke can was a nice touch that had me laughing well after I had watched the video.

The tributes to the show and Stranger Things cast continue to pour in, and somehow manage to outdo themselves from submission to submission. It’s a truly great time to be a Stranger Things fan. So tell me, what is your favorite Doug the Pug Stranger Things character?

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Shannon Purser Cast In Archie TV Show and Melissa McCarthy Movie

stranger-things-shannon-purser-riverdale-archie-insideTo say that things are really picking up for Shannon Purser of late would be an understatement to say the least. If you have been checking in here and there, every now and then, you’d probably know that Shannon has risen to some serious viral heights on social media since Stranger Things debuted on July 15th. Her character “Barb” has easily become one of the most talked about TV show characters this year. Honestly, I would love to know how many Twitter follows she had the day Stranger Things debuted. When I started following her right around the beginning of August, I am sure she was somewhere around 6,000. As of today, a mere month later, over 33,000 people follow Shannon’s account. Not too shabby, right?

Twitter is not the only place Shannon Purser is making waves. I was amazed to learn a little while back that Stranger Things was her first acting credit (seriously, can you believe that?), now the talented young actress is about to add a couple more entries to her filmography. According to Entertainment Weekly, she has been cast in the Archie TV Show “Riverdale” as Ethel Muggs, a role that will last at least three episodes. The show is expected to debut sometime in early 2017. You will be able to catch “Riverdale” on the CW. On the heels of this announcement, THR is now reporting that she has landed a role in Melissa McCarthy’s new flick “Life Of The Party”, which is set to release in the spring of 2018.

Needless to say, these are a couple of pretty awesome projects to follow up Stranger Things with, the first of many I am sure.

On a related note, it seems like most of the younger members of the Stranger Things cast are getting in all the appearances they can before the school year kicks in, a development that has made for some seriously awesome TV. To this point, check out this awesome clip below where Shannon surprises Millie Bobby Brown, Caleb McLaughlin, and Gaten Matarazzo on  Chelsea…

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Dr. Martin Brenner(Played by Matthew Modine)
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Will Byers(Played by Noah Schnapp)
The younger brother of Jonathan Byers and the son of Joyce Byers

Steve Harrington
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